SW 5th Avenue Pocket Park

Location:  SW 13th Street and SW 5th Avenue

Start Date:  July 2007

Key Partners:  Gainesville Public Works Department, GRU, University of Florida

Estimated Completion Date:  December 2007. Upgrades 2010

Available Funding:  $279,640

SW 5th Avenue Pocket Park
SW 5th Avenue Pocket Park


The College Park/University Heights area is a traditional, pedestrian friendly neighborhood that boasts historic architecture, abundant sidewalks, and appealing tree-lined corridors. These factors, combined with the area’s close proximity to the University of Florida, contribute to remarkably high levels of pedestrian activity throughout the neighborhood. In particular, the intersection at SW 13th Street and SW 5th Avenue receives high levels of foot traffic. The intersection contains an unusual feature: a small, triangular median along 5th Avenue that until recently was overgrown and underutilized. Recognizing the potential to transform this feature into an attractive and inviting public amenity, the CRA has converted the formerly unusable space into a new public gathering place. Reconstructed as an urban pocket park, the space now features landscaping, hardscaping, benches, decorative lighting and a public art installation designed by Bradley Rex Smith titled “Rejoined”. Brick hardscaping materials provide durability to the project, and serve to visually tie the park to both the residential neighborhood and to the architecture of the university campus. Construction of the pocket park creates a valuable public space and a new landmark that enhances and embraces the distinct activity, character and identity of the surrounding environment.