Reinvesting in People and Places

The Gainesville Community Redevelopment Agency has transitioned into a City of Gainesville department, called the Community Reinvestment Area. Our name has changed but our mission stays the same: To increase the vibrancy of our city’s urban core.

The final step in this transition is the combination of the four redevelopment plans into a single “Reinvestment Plan” through a public process. This process is underway the the first draft of the plan will be presented to the GCRA Advisory Board and to the City Commission in December, 2019. Throughout October and November, the GCRA has been gathering community input into the plan, through community workshops, stakeholder meetings, neighborhood association meetings, surveys, and more.

In early November the GCRA hosted a series of community workshops, one in each of the former CRA Districts.  Click the link below to view the presentation from each meeting.

Former Eastside Workshop Presentation

Former Fifth Ave Pleasant Street Workshop Presentation

Former Downtown Workshop Presentation

Former College Park University Heights Workshop Presentation

Activities for Kids

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The four redevelopment plans can be viewed here:



Fifth Ave Pleasant Street

College Park University Heights

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