Programs & Incentives

The GCRA is developing a new suite of incentive programs designed to encourage neighborhood preservation, economic development and community partnerships within the district. 


Economic Development Programs 

Business Improvement Grant Program

The program offers a 50% matching grant, paid as a reimbursement, for eligible improvements to commercial building exteriors. This program is offered district-wide.  GCRA District Map

For more information on the Business Improvement Grant, contact Daniel Blumberg, GCRA Project Manager, at or (352) 393-8208.


Community Enhancements & Housing Programs

The GCRA will offer five programs that address a variety of housing-related needs within the district.  

Currently Available as of 12/28/2021 

Heirs’ Property Assistance Program

The program offers probate legal assistance to heirs’ property owners to clear the title to the homes so owners can take advantage of property rights. The purpose of the program is to increase neighborhood stability, grow individual and family wealth in Gainesville’s underserved communities, and increase access to attainable housing. This program is offered district-wide.  GCRA District Map

My Neighborhood Program 

The program offers $25,000 towards the purchase of a home or lot for long-term renters or former residents of eligible neighborhoods. The purpose of the program is to encourage strong community connections by incentivizing long-term homeownership within neighborhoods. The eligible neighborhoods are Cedar Grove II, Duval, Fifth Avenue, North Lincoln Heights, Pleasant Street, Porters, Springhill, and Sugarhill. Map of Eligible Neighborhoods

The initial application period for this program will run from January 3, 2022, until March 31, 2022. 

Home Energy and Water Efficiency Initiative

Through a partnership with the Community Weatherization Coalition (CWC), the GCRA and CWC will offer home energy tune-ups and home energy upgrades to eligible property owners (homesteaders and landlords) and renters in order to lower the energy cost burden of district residents. The purpose of this program is to encourage safe, well-designed, high-quality housing to support the existing housing stock that provides housing options for long-term homeowners and renters.

Applications are submitted through the Community Weatherization Coalition and are available on their website.  

  • Home Energy and Water Efficiency Initiative Guidelines
Programs Coming Soon

Neighborhood Paint Program

The program will provide pressure washing and painting services for the exterior of single-family residential homes within eligible neighborhoods. The purpose of the program is to provide incentives to improve residential neighborhoods. Eligible neighborhoods include Cedar Grove II, Fifth Avenue, Pleasant Street, North Lincoln Heights, Porters, Sugarhill, Springhill, and Greater Duval. Applications for the Greater Duval area, including Cedar Grove II, will be accepted in early 2022. Map of Eligible Neighborhoods

Historic Home Stabilization Program 

This proposed program will provide a matching grant to homeowners within the GCRA District to complete exterior stabilization work and resolve exterior code violations. The purpose of this program is to promote the preservation of historic buildings through proper rehabilitation and prevent demolition by neglect.  

For more information on Community Enhancements and Housing programs, contact Chelsea Bakaitis, GCRA Project Manager, at or (352) 393-8201.


Community Partnerships 

The GCRA is partnering with the City of Gainesville’s Department of Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs (PRCA) on grant programming to support special events in Gainesville. The program is currently in development with an expected launch date in early 2022.  

Stay tuned for information on additional programs, coming soon!