Fifth Avenue / Pleasant Street Heritage Trail

Location:  Fifth Avenue & Pleasant Street Neighborhoods

Start Date:  August 2009

Key Partners:  A. Quinn Jones Museum & Cultural Center, Community Stakeholders, Wild Spaces and Public Places, Department of Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs, Public Works, GRU

Fifth Avenue / Pleasant Street Heritage Trail
Fifth Avenue / Pleasant Street Heritage Trail


The Historic Heritage Trail is the companion project to the A. Quinn Jones Museum & Cultural Center. Both of these projects comprise the Legacy Project: Stories of Hope and Determination. The Historic Heritage Trail will create a physical system of signage and markers in the Fifth Avenue and Pleasant Street neighborhoods to recognize the achievements of people, past and present, in the fields of business, medicine, arts, education and spirituality. The project will gather, verify and prioritize existing historical research; identify historic and significant sites; and create an overall Interpretive Plan that will form the basis of the trail system. For more information, please visit

Milestones Accomplished

  • Heritage Trail & Interpretive Signage Master Plan
  • Inventory of Existing Sidewalk Network Gaps
  • Boundary/Topo Survey, Feasibility Study, Planning, Design, and Construction Documentation for NW 3rd Ave. Sidewalks
  • Construction of 2,000 Linear Feet of Sidewalks Along NW 3rd Ave. between NW 13th St. and NW 6th
  • Logo Design and Branding
  • Route Feasibility Study

Next Steps

  • Plan, Design, & Engineer Construction Documents for Next Sidewalk Segments with Corresponding Heritage Trail Interpretive Signage

Contact Information

CRA Project Manager


Last Updated On: 2/12/2021