Reinvestment Plan Development

Status: In Progress

Start Date: October 1, 2019

Key Partners: Gainesville Community


In 2019, a state-wide discussion regarding the future of Florida’s Community Redevelopment Agencies resulted in an uncertain future for all CRAs, including Gainesville’s. The City of Gainesville and Alachua County Commissions wished to create a solution that would address local issues and also insulate the agency from future state legislative mandates. The two entities approved a plan that would enable them to design the future of the agency in a mutually agreeable structure.

In April of 2019 the two commissions signed an agreement regarding Community Redevelopment. This agreement required the City to hold public hearings to discuss the name, activities, duration and funding structure of the future CRA. From these discussions, an ordinance was drafted and taken to the City Commission for a first reading on August 15, 2019 and for a second reading on September 5, 2019, at which time it was adopted. Ordinance 181001 in effect dissolved the Gainesville Community Redevelopment Agency and created the Gainesville Community Reinvestment Area (GCRA), effective October 1, 2019.

Under the ordinance, the new GCRA will continue its reinvestment efforts as a city department, with a ten year end date and a fixed budget. The internal boundaries of the four existing redevelopment areas (College Park/University Heights, Downtown, Eastside, and Fifth Ave/Pleasant Street) have been dissolved, maintaining the external boundary and resulting in a single reinvestment area.  On October 3, 2019 the City Commission appointed the 15 members of the new GCRA Advisory Board. In 2020, the GCRA office and staff will relocate to the Gainesville Technology Entrepreneurship Center (GTEC) at the Cornerstone Campus on SE Hawthorne Road.

The final step in the transition is the development of a consolidated Reinvestment Plan, through a public process, that will guide the work of the GCRA over the next 10 years. In October and November of 2019, the GCRA hosted a series of community engagement events, interdepartmental meetings, and open houses. GCRA staff also met with many neighborhood associations and crime watch groups in the reinvestment area. A survey was widely distributed and was available in paper and online forms.

GCRA staff and consultants have utilized the data gathered so far from the above efforts and the four former Redevelopment Plans to create the first draft of the new Reinvestment Plan. The plan was presented to the GCRA Advisory Board on December 17, 2019 and was presented to the community on January 15, 2020 for additional feedback before going to the City Commission on January 16, 2020 for review.

The timeline for the Reinvestment Plan community engagement, approval is as follows:

First Draft

  • December 17 – GCRA Advisory Board, 5:30 pm– Draft Reinvestment Plan Review
  • January 15 – Community Engagement, 5:30 pm – Public Draft Plan Workshop (Thelma Bolton Center)
  • January 16 – City Commission – Draft Reinvestment Plan Review (City Hall)

Second Draft

  • January 21 – GCRA Advisory Board, 5:30 pm – Draft Reinvestment Plan Review (GRU Multipurpose Room)
  • February 19 – Community Engagement, 5:30 pm – Public Draft Plan Workshop (location TBD)
  • February 20 – City Commission, 1:00 pm – Draft Reinvestment Plan Review (City Hall)

Final Plan

  • March 5 – City Commission, Time: 1:00 pm – Reinvestment Plan Recommended for Approval (City Hall)
  • [Prior to] April 1, 10:00 a.m. – Joint City/County Meeting –Reinvestment Plan Presentation, Date TBD

The GCRA is committed to creating a plan that will address the reinvestment needs of the community. All are encouraged to get involved, by attending public meetings or meeting with GCRA staff. For more information or to make an appointment, call 352-393-8200 or email

A survey is available for the public to share thoughts on the progress so far and to weigh in on the direction the Reinvestment Plan is taking. The survey will be posted until February 19, 2020.

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Contact Information

Chelsea Bakaitis

Project Manager

(352) 393-8201

Last Updated On: 12/30/2019