NW 3rd Avenue Sidewalks

Location: NW 3rd Avenue between NW 13th Street and NW 6th Street

Status: Complete

Start Date: June 2013

Key Partners: Department of Public Works, Advisory Boards, Neighborhood Residents

Completion Date: Complete

Available Funding: $250,000

Former CRA District: College Park University Heights & Fifth Ave Pleasant Street

NW 3rd Avenue Sidewalks
NW 3rd Avenue Sidewalks
NW 3rd Avenue Sidewalks


This portion of NW 3rd Avenue straddles the dividing line between the CRA’s Fifth Avenue/Pleasant Street and the College Park/University Heights redevelopment areas. NW 3rd Avenue is largely bordered by residential uses, is close to the University of Florida, and links two important commercial corridors along NW 13th St. and NW 6th St. Before this project began, around 2,000 feet of sidewalk gaps prevented pedestrian connectivity along NW 3rd Avenue.

The narrow width of the right-of-way and close proximity of structures to the roadway are limiting factors to adding sidewalk facilities along the corridor. As an initial phase of the project, the CRA conducted a Feasibility Study to determine design alternatives so to balance the interests of the various stakeholders groups while also providing a safe, functional, and accessible corridor that meets applicable design guidelines. The study resulted in a set of preferred street cross-sections that are serving as the basis of design for the project. Following the completion of the Feasibility Study and construction documentation, the CRA constructed the sidewalks. Because of the narrow right-of-way and location of obstructions such as walls, fences, trees, and utility poles, the sidewalk width will is 5’. All existing delineated on-street parking was preserved.