Innovation Square Parking Analysis + Strategy Plan

Location:  Innovation Square

Start Date:  May 2013

Key Partners:  University of Florida Development Corporation, City of Gainesville Public Works Department

Estimated Completion Date:  December 2013

Innovation Square Parking Analysis + Strategy Plan


The Innovation Square project is in the process of responding to various proposed development scenarios, provided by various developers, each with its own needs and requirements, especially as these pertain to parking. At this point, Innovation Square required a specific analysis and strategy to determine the most appropriate way forward with regards to shared parking and the phased build-out of the various expected development projects. This included the creation of a district specific shared parking strategy, an analysis of existing parking facilities, documentation of anticipated private development projects, the location and timeline for the utilization of temporary surface parking, the placement and construction of structured parking, and the use of existing facilities such as the downtown parking decks. Additionally, this report documented, analyzed, and evaluated existing mobility facilities and recommendations potential additional facilities and initiatives to support parking facilities and building investments.

Download Innovation Square Parking Analysis + Strategy Report here.