Fith Avenue

NW 5th Avenue Streetscape Project Phase I

Location: NW 5th Ave. (300 - 600 Block)
Start Date: 2007
Estimated Completion Date: May 2008
Available Funding: $550,000


NW 5th Avenue is a mixed-use corridor lined with residences and neighborhood businesses that has traditionally functioned as epicenter of activity for the Fifth Avenue/Pleasant Street communities. The CRA is committed to strengthening and affirming the significance of this important street through on-going redevelopment initiatives in both the private and public realms. As part of this effort, the CRA has systematically pursued phased utility undergrounding along the corridor. Phase I east of NW 6th Street is complete. Phase II includes a revitalized streetscape of wider sidewalks, new crosswalks, brick hardscaping, and decorative pedestrian lighting. Such will help transform NW 5th Avenue into a showcase for the district and for the City as a whole.