Depot Park in the final round for IMCL Design Awards

Depot Park in the final round for IMCL Design Awards

Depot Park has been selected for the Final Round of the International Making Cities Livable (IMCL) Design Awards Competition! The CRA is truly honored to be considered for this international award.

Depot Park embodies many of the principles of the IMCL movement, as outlined in their mission statement:

The purpose of the Making Cities Livable movement is to enhance the well-being of all inhabitants, strengthen community, improve social and physical health, and increase civic engagement by sustainably reshaping the built environment of our cities, suburbs, towns and villages.

To achieve these goals requires, first and foremost, a well-functioning public realm – meetings, encounters, dialogue among people young and old with a diversity of backgrounds, acquaintances, friends and strangers – that exists in multi-functional public places, squares and marketplaces.

To be vibrant these public places must exist within a truly urban fabric, and for this reason the Making Cities Livable movement promotes True Urbanism, – the time-tested principles of appropriate human scale architecture, mixed use shop/houses, and a compact urban fabric of blocks, streets and squares. outdoor cafes and restaurants, farmers’ markets and community festivals also enliven the public realm.

For health and sustainability reasons, the public realm must promote active modes of transportation – walking, biking and public transit – over the automobile.

Depot Park will be included in an exhibit at the 54th Annual International Making Cities Livable Conference in October, 2017. For more information on International Making Cities Livable, visit their website at: