Daniel Gil - Project Manager

Daniel Gil

Project Manager

Email: gild1@cityofgainesville.org

Office Number: (352) 393-8209

Quote of the Year:  “Victory is neither for the swift nor the strong, but for those that can endure long, long, long.” - Bob Marley

Favorite Food: Carrot Cake & Guava Pastries

Daniel was born and raised in Miami, Florida and is more than happy to call Gainesville his home. He studied architecture at the Cooper Union in New York and graduated from the University of Florida’s Landscape Architecture program in 2017. His thesis project “The Infinity Line”, an 11 mile looping trail through Gainesville, has been adopted by the city and is currently in its planning phase.

While completing his education, Daniel was part owner of Civilization, a Gainesville Co-operative from 2011- 2017. Prior to that he was involved with Ocean Studios Miami; a design build firm that focused on building and land restoration. Daniel enjoys being amongst the Gainesville community and can be typically found at Depot Park riding bike or flying the “shark kite” with his daughter, or simply enjoying the sunset.