Power District Redevelopment Plan

Location: Southeast Gainesville

Key Partners: GRU, City of Gainesville, Neighborhood residents, local businesses

Available Funding: $2.6M

Power District Redevelopment Plan
Power District Redevelopment Plan
Power District Redevelopment Plan


The Power District is a unique 17-acre redevelopment opportunity of active as well as inactive GRU facilities located in Southeast Gainesville between Downtown and Depot Park. The CRA on behalf of GRU and the City is acting as an agent for redevelopment. To date, significant pre-development due diligence work such as community engagement, crafting the 2013 Redevelopment Plan, rezoning, technical studies, special events, and environmental analysis has been completed. As a result, in 2016 the CRA began a multi-phase solicitation process to assess interest of the private development market to partner with the public sector on the implementation of the Power District. The goal of the solicitation process was to identify and encourage interested private development parties, determine the market’s desire, approach, and outline the general terms of a potential public private partnership all while ensuring the community vision and core planning principles of the adopted 2013 Redevelopment Plan are maintained throughout the development process. With limited public resources available to fully execute the vision for the Power District, the public private partnership approach is being pursued to identify and prioritize market based projects that will serve as a catalyst for long-term sustained economic and community investments.

In April 2016 the CRA issued a RFQ (Request For Qualifications) seeking qualified developers desiring to participate in the redevelopment of the Power District. A total of three proposals were received from the following firms (1) Concept Companies of Gainesville, FL; (2) Cross Street Partners of Baltimore, MD; and (3) 1220G/Collier Companies of Gainesville, FL. All three firms that submitted their qualifications were considered responsive, responsible, and qualified by the CRA Board in July 2016. This approval advanced all three firms to the next phase of the development solicitation process of an ITN (Invitation To Negotiate).

The ITN solicitation was advertised to the three previously qualified development teams in December 2016. This marked the beginning of a multi-phased negotiation period between the representatives of the CRA, GRU, and the City along with each development team in order to evaluate developer concepts, proposals, and terms of a public private partnership. Concept Companies decided to not pursue the ITN and served as a consultant to the 1220G/Collier Companies team. Over the subsequent months, evaluation committee members conducted detailed analysis and reviews of the proposals and Best and Final Offer submittals in order to determine which submission addressed the Objectives outlined in the ITN of: (a) develop the highest-quality, most comprehensive expression of the Redevelopment Plan and community’s interests and objectives; (b) assure the timely completion of the project; and (c) provide the most significant financial contributions and assurances to the project and City. On October 2nd, the evaluation committee convened with GRU’s Purchasing Department to discuss and select as a recommendation to the CRA Board the most responsive and responsible development proposal.

The evaluation committee unanimously ranked Cross Street Partners as the most responsive and responsible vendor based on the following criteria as outlined in the ITN solicitation.

  1. Development Concept: Is the concept in keeping with Redevelopment Plan goals and objectives?
  2. Compatibility & Integration: Does it create a seamless concept that ties various aspects of the community together?
  3. Public Benefit: How will the concept make use of local vendors, tenants and other local resources?
  4. Project Viability: Is the project a financially feasible enterprise and a plausible response to the marketplace?
  5. Fiscal Impact to City: How do the above impact the City’s financial position?

The consensus of the evaluation committee was that Cross Street Partners demonstrated the technical, financial, and management experience/resources acting as a Master Developer by not only outlining what they wanted to do, but also how they would do it through a public private partnership. The committee agreed Cross Street Partners provided a thorough understanding of the goals of the Power District Redevelopment Plan by utilizing and incorporating the many previously completed pre-development reports initiated by the CRA while also proposing a market-based redevelopment investment and implementation strategy.

Following the Board’s award of the Master Developer ITN Solicitation with Cross Street Partners in October 2017, Staff along with the developer are working on a Memorandum Of Understanding between the CRA/GRU/City and Cross Street Partners that will outline the potential “deal points” of a forthcoming MOU (Memorandum Of Understanding) and Development Agreement. Concurrently, Cross Street Partners is continuing their outreach efforts to local, regional, and national partners that are interested in the Power District. Once negotiations reach a decision point, CRA Staff will provide the CRA Board with a presentation to outline the options to move the project forward.


ITN Development Partner Solicitation Documents

Download Power District resources, reports, and plans below: 

If you are interested in business opportunities within the Power District, it is recommended that you contact Cross Street Partners to discuss your interest, concept, and schedule. Theresa Stegman (tstegman@ancora.re) 443-573-4384

Next Steps

Negotiation and execution of development Memorandum Of Understanding and Development Agreement, Sweetwater Branch Daylighting Design & Engineering, and Phase 1 Implementation

Contact Information

Andrew Meeker

CRA Manager



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