Former Seminary Lane Site

Location: NW 5th Avenue

Status: In Planning

Start Date: 2015

Key Partners: Gainesville Florida Housing Corporation, Gainesville Housing Authority

Estimated Completion Date: TBD

Available Funding: $240,000

Former CRA District: Fifth Ave Pleasant Street

Former Seminary Lane Site
Former Seminary Lane Site


The Gainesville CRA has teamed up with the Gainesville Florida Housing Corporation (GFHC) and Gainesville Housing Authority (GHA) to redevelop the site, located minutes from the University of Florida and Gainesville’s downtown.

The project area is about 6.25 acres, depicted in the aerial above. Site includes the four Seminary Lane properties, three City properties, and one CRA property.
Our goal is to create a cutting-edge mixed-use community with a mix of affordable housing units, market rate housing, small retail, office, and community amenities.
GCRA developed two alternative conceptual master plans for the site in-house. These layouts were approved in concept by all boards involved, and will be used as a basis of design for the project.

Milestones Accomplished

  • Option Agreement Executed, 4/2015
  • Master Plan Concepts Approved, 2/2015

Next Steps

Solicit design and construction teams. Secure construction funds. Engage the community. Mixed use and branding strategies.

Contact Information

Project Manager, TBA


Last Updated On: 3/6/2018