Open Call for Memories of Fifth Ave/Pleasant Street

The Fifth Ave/Pleasant Street Heritage Trail is coming to life, and we need your help.

Open Call for Memories of Fifth Ave/Pleasant Street

The Heritage Trail will educate and celebrate the accomplishments of a neighborhood that endured through a pivotal time in history, and will tell the stories of individuals and the community that have gone untold for decades.

Through extensive community outreach and research, a number of notable subjects have been identified. The team has established the following list of people and places that are missing photographs. Any help in locating these images would not only be appreciated by the project team, but would be a direct contribution to the legacy of the neighborhood.

  • YT Barbecue – interior or exterior or the owner
  • Mom’s Kitchen – interior
  • Jennie Rowe – early nurses and/ or hospital
  • Glover and/or Gill families
  • St. Paul’s CME Church – exterior or interior
  • Reverend James Cato or his store – inside or outside
  • Sarah’s Diner inside
  • Lenard Jackson’s Photography Studio – one he took or one of him
  • Wigwam Bar
  • Early photos of the Fifthe Avenue Arts Festival
  • Service Station at NW 6th St and 5th Ave (Currently Fades N Fro’s)
  • Dr. Hayden Floyd or his office or home
  • Dr. R.B. Ayer
  • Gaston Cook
  • Dr. Cosby and Dr. Parker
  • Thelma Jordan
  • Mama Lo’s interior, exterior or Mama herself
  • Williams Temple service in session
  • Dr. Stafford
  • Claronelle Johnson of Clara’s Beauty Salon
  • Juanita ‘Nita’
  • Old LHS Band House – or Jerry Miller
  • Oscar Gilbert Shoe Repair store

All memorabilia will be photographed and returned on-site. Please contact project manager, Jessica Leonard at (352)393-8206 for more information.