College Park/University Heights

The College Park/University Heights Redevelopment Area was established in 1995 and expanded in 2005. The identity and future of the College Park/University Heights Community Redevelopment Area is intertwined with the University of Florida. As more students opt to walk and cycle to class, living close to campus becomes increasingly appealing. The diverse residential base and proximity to a center of higher education infuse an aura of freshness and activity in this district. Luxury row houses, apartments, and condominiums with attention to design are being constructed alongside established historic residences in these conveniently located neighborhoods. Perhaps the most exciting opportunity for College Park/University heights is the redevelopment of under-utilized commercial and industrial districts, and the potential infusion of technology and medical-related spin-offs from the University. A mix of technology research and enterprise is planned for areas south and east of campus, providing jobs and support for additional mixed-use development. This would also encourage new and unique housing options for professionals and entrepreneurs who want to live, work, and play in College Park/University Heights.

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