College Park

South Main Streetscaping

Location: South Main Street from Depot Avenue to South 16th Avenue
Start Date: 2012
Key Partners: Property and Business Owners, Citizens, and Neighborhoods
Estimated Completion Date: 2018
Available Funding: $2,000,000

South Main Streetscaping South Main Streetscaping

With the future opening of Depot Park and the Cade Museum for Creativity & Invention, improvements to the corridor are being considered to provide safe, secure, and convenient parking and pedestrian facilities to accommodate anticipated park and museum users while also maintaining vehicle access and flow. South Main Street serves as an important business district as well as a southern gateway to Downtown. This project provides a significant opportunity for the South Main Street area to reflect the prominence of Depot Park while
becoming the "front door" of the south end of Downtown and function as a central spine for numerous adjacent revitalization efforts currently planned. Property owners, businesses, nearby neighborhoods, and multiple area projects such as Depot Park, the Power District and the Cade Museum for Creativity & Invention will all be important influences to the final vision of this signature corridor. The feasibility of undergrounding the existing overhead utility lines is also being considered.  

Milestones Accomplished:

+ Survey & Site Analysis
+ Engineering & Design Consultant Contract
+ Stakeholder, Property Owner, & Business Owner Outreach
+ Façade Facelift Initiative Launch
+ Walking Audits & Existing Pedestrian/Bicycle Counts
+ 2 Façade Grants Executed

Next Steps: Next steps include completing a Basis of Design, refining project scope, design and construction documents, scheduling, cost estimating, and phasing plans.

Contact Information

Andrew Meeker, CRA Project Manager 352-393-8205
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Last updated on 9/19/2016