Power District Redevelopment Plan

Location: Southeast Gainesville
Key Partners: GRU, City of Gainesville, Neighborhood residents, local businesses
Available Funding: $1,200,000


The Power District represents an area uniquely located between Downtown, Depot Park, SE Historic District, and S. Main St. This district of predominantly former Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU) facilities on the southern edge of Downtown includes a diverse mix of industrial urban properties. While the GRU power plant, administrative building, and numerous support facilities are to remain operational at their present locations, approximately 17-acres of buildings, surrounding storage yards, parking lots, and other accessory facilities are available for redevelopment. Although the Power District is more than just the land that GRU is opening for redevelopment, the core 17-acres will be used to spark development and set a standard for quality investment throughout the larger Power District.

In 2013, the CRA led the formation of a stakeholder based Power District Redevelopment Plan. The plan focused on laying out a development strategy and framework that will serve as a platform for economic growth and investment in the community while improving the quality of life in the Power District and surrounding neighborhoods. During the eight month planning process, multiple meetings were organized with various stakeholders to gain input and information on the community’s vision for the redevelopment of this area. This redevelopment plan represents a community vision by outlining a scalable context sensitive strategy that will allow the Power District to be implemented in phases based on demand, market conditions, and investments.

Download Power District resources, reports, and plans below: 


The Gainesville Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA), acting as the agent on behalf of Gainesville Regional Utilities (“GRU”) and the City of Gainesville is leading the Power District redevelopment effort. The CRA is currently conducting a two-stage master developer solicitation process in order to facilitate a public-private partnership redevelopment strategy. The first stage was a Request For Qualifications (RFQ) that concluded in July 2016 with the pre-qualification of three development firms. The second stage is the December 2016 release of the Invitation To Negotiate (ITN) solicitation that is only open to those three firms who were previously qualified through the RFQ process. This ITN solicits from each of these pre-qualified respondents a more detailed approach describing their vision, concepts and implementation strategies for the planning, design, development, marketing, financing, tenant recruitment, construction and operations of properties within the Power District. Responses received will be evaluated, discussed, negotiated, and ultimately presented to the CRA Board & City Commission for their consideration and selection. Following an extensive negotiation period with all three developers, it is the intent of the CRA to select a master developer and enter into a Real Estate Contract and execute a Development Agreement(s).

If you are interested in business opportunities within the Power District, it is recommended that you contact each of the three pre-qualified developers to discuss your interest, concept, and schedule. Their contact information is available within the linked Approved RFQ Submittal documents.

Next Steps: Short-Term Aesthetic Site Improvements, Property Solicitation Strategy, Sweetwater Branch Daylighting Design & Engineering, 2016 Power District Workplan

Contact Information

CRA Project Manager: Andrew Meeker
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Last updated on November 21, 2017