Lynch Park

Start Date: 2008
Estimated Completion Date: August 2010
Available Funding: $190,000 ($160,000 from CRA and $30,000 from City of Gainesville Parks & Recreation Department)


Revitalization of Haisley Lynch Park provides Downtown patrons with much-needed useable urban green-space while linking Downtown Gainesville’s existing Central Business district with the emerging S. Main Street corridor, Depot Park, and the Porters Community. The refurbished 1.4-acre park includes a fenced off-leash dog area and a garden featuring 100%-native Florida plantings. The Park received new pathways, landscaping, benches, lighting, and other fixtures. The park’s new design and furnishings reflect a fresh, funky aesthetic and were selected through numerous stakeholder meetings with citizens and community leaders. Haisley Lynch Park was the first CRA (and City of Gainesville) project to feature exclusive use of energy-efficient LED (light emitting diode) lighting fixtures.