College Park

College Park Neighborhood Improvements

Location: College Park Neighborhood North Of University Ave. and West of NW 13th St.
Start Date: 2016
Key Partners: Neighborhood residents and business owners
Estimated Completion Date: TBD
Available Funding: TBD


This is a newly adopted and approved CRA Workplan Community Initiative specifically for the College Park Neighborhood. The goal is to identify, plan, design, engineer, and construct critical neighborhood needs such as sidewalks, lighting, landscaping, and wayfinding signage/elements. With the close proximity to the University of Florida Campus and numerous students residing and traversing this neighborhood, basic safety and accessibility improvement are critical. The first phase will include engaging various stakeholders to identify any existing planned projects and/or desired improvements. The second phase will include any necessary feasibility studies of the proposed improvements to identify opportunities, constraints, and budgets. The next phase will include prioritizing improvements with key stakeholders and then conducting any required survey, design, engineering, and permitting necessary to begin implementation/construction. The objective is to quickly and tactically implement improvements that don’t require long lead times for completion.

Next Steps: Engage & Survey Stakeholders, Inventory Additional Needs, Develop a Needs Assessment Plan, Initiate docs for Phase I, Implement Phase I, Initiate Planning for Phase II

Contact Information

CRA Project Manager: Ori Baber
(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) 352-393-8213
Last updated on March 6, 2018